Body Unlimited Fitness Center located in Kokomo, Indiana is the place to be to get in shape.  Offering memberships for all types & one-on-one training with certified personal trainers.


Body Unlimited Fitness Center has celebrated over 36 years of offering services to the immediate and surrounding community of Kokomo, IN. Within those years, the gym has undergone perfecting modifications, which have included changing locations to the wooded Bent Creek immediately on the Wildcat creek with an excellent view of the varied activities of nature. With a condominium division going up within walking distance from Body Unlimited, beautiful outdoor trails are available for members to enjoy at any time of the year.

Body Unlimited Fitness Center is the place to be to get in shape. The construction of Body Unlimited resembles a ski lodge with large wooden beams. We are located right off of 31 on Sycamore St. at the old Delco Park and recently renamed Bent Creek.